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Global Healing

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Global Heating

We all are aware of the matter of fact that our home planet and Mother Earth is out of harmony. There are many signs of this global mismatching the harmony and one of the harmless is the global heating. The worst sign lays in the evidence that many species are dying every single day, with the tendency to increase in number. Evidently the causes for this are to be found in wrongly organized society on the global level. Most of the people are helpless confronting themselves with this evidence, because it seems that the problem is too far away from their impact. Is it really true? Our mission is to demystify this mental trap and to show the way how to avoid to be helpless, replacing this ugly feeling with being helpful on very simple non destructive way - by taking part in this project. Let's together work on global healing instead of on a global heating.


All donations are going to cover the costs of the further development of the global healing projects. If you would love the idea and would be able to donate please don't hesitate to do this regardless which amount is about. We are going to accept any donation  with gratefulness.

Everybody is welcome to take part in team which consists of many beings all over the world regardless if they are visible or not under only one condition, to accommodate to the missionary vision, in harmony to the Complete Love - the Universe. Everybody is welcome to get involved in one or many projects with the global healing contents as consumerist, as actuator or simply as donor.

Our mission is to initialize the global-healing process, to merge all existing healers together capable to participate in revelation of the global harmony, accordingly to the Highest Sense, the Universal Plan, the Oracle, regardless of their origin or tradition and to share the exciting vision which is not based on any kind of superstition but rather on love and the wisdom compounded from many sources, with the aim to reflect inside out toward as many minds all over the world as possible in order to cross over our limiting three dimensional way of thinking which impacts our way of living, including more complete basic universal legacies.

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